The Omnibot 2000

Toy robots in the 80s seemed to be everywhere. The one that stood out to many kids was the Omnibot 2000 made by the Japanese toy company Tony. This robot fell on the higher end of robotic toys, somewhere between toy and a higher end educational robot.


Robot! Bring me my drink!


Omnibot 2000 was 25 inches tall, had an onboard tape deck, a programmable right arm, an LCD clock, light up eyes, a voice module, a remote, a smart “accessory panel” with a revolving mechanism that would move drinks and cups from one hand to the other and a cardboard “home base” used for programming the Omnibot 2000.

The Omnibot 2000 came with a six volt lead acid rechargeable battery and required a total of six AA batteries (Two for the clock and four for the remote.) which allowed 4 hours of operation.

The remote was required to operate most of the functions and had a button on the side of the remote to record or broadcast voices and sounds. So don’t lose the remote or it becomes a very cool and expensive alarm clock.



Programming the Omnibot 2000 happened by recording movements made via the remote on the tape deck imbedded it’s chest. The robot could hold up to seven programs and could be set to run programs at certain times with the onboard clock.

Not to be confused with the original Omnibot the Omnibot 2000 was the newer updated model with anthropomorphic head instead of a plastic dome and a programmable right arm. The arm could rotate at the shoulder, the wrist and the gripper could open and close. It could lift a staggering one pound payload! The left arm was only poseable but who cares this thing had a whiskey pouring program… just what all kids needed.


Omnibot 2000 with accessory panel installed.


This toy cost 600$ in the early 1980’s (About 1,400$ today!) so only the luckiest kids ever got one. I remember seeing the ads for this thing and daydreaming about making it fetch drinks for me or having it carry around my other inferior toys behind me as I guide my robotic servant around my house.

Here’s a Tony ad compilation. I linked it at the time where the Omnibot 2000 ads start but feel free to watch all the 80’s glory in this video.


Thank you for reading Tech Remembered.

Did you ever have one of these? Was it all you dreamed it to be? Do you still have one? Can I have it?

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